Purchase EssentialFax

For Windows 7, Vista or XP

Click here to purchase EssentialFax for use on Windows 7/Vista/XP for $19.95 The link will take you to a secure order form.


For Windows 8 and 10 

Click here to purchase EssentialFax for use on Windows 8/10 for $19.95 . The link will take you to a secure order form

When entering your name for EssentialFax registration, it is best to use only characters A-Z, a-z and normal punctuation. This is true with Cyrillic, Hebrew, Polish, Greek, Japanese and Turkish character sets, among others.

What happens when I order?

Once your purchase is approved you will be sent a serial number by email.

If you have already installed the 30-day test drive, you don't need to download or install anything else - just enter the serial number and the 30-day test drive becomes permanent.

In the event of a hard drive crash or switching computers, you can simply re-install and re-enter the same serial number, as long as you are re-installing to a supported version of Windows.

What is the total cost? 30 day money back guarantee

The total cost is $19.95 US . This is a one-time cost. There are no other costs, and there are no ongoing fees or service charges. You can continue using your copy of EssentialFax for as long as you like on the version(s) of Windows it supports. You can even move it to a different computer, as long as it is using a supported version of Windows.

Phone costs: Keep in mind that faxing uses your telephone line and dials out just like you were calling on the phone - therefore any long distance charges, as with a fax machine, are your responsibility.

How long does Serial Number delivery take?

It is normally fairly quick. A few minutes. However some things will trigger a manual review, such as use of anonymous email services (hotmail.com, yahoo.com) and other factors.

Delays are also possible between the time it the email with the serial number is sent, and the time it is received as well, due to internet congestion.

You should use your real email address. Anonymous email services such as hotmail.com, yahoo.com, etc. are subject to additional checking and may require manual review. Manual review is usually completed within 24 hours, 48 on weekends and holidays.

Already purchased?

If you have already purchased EssentialFax, but have lost your original registration information (name and serial number) please use our Serial Number Lookup Request form.   note: EssentialFax for Windows 8 or above requires a new purchase/serial number.

Upgrade policy

We normally do not charge upgrade fees for minor version changes, however a fee may be charged for major program upgrades, or for upgrades to accommodate new versions of Windows.

If you already purchased the Windows 8 version, the same serial number will work for the new EssentialFax for Windows 8 or above.