For technical support:

If you have technical questions not answered on these web pages or in the EssentialFax Help file, please send an email with your questions to . Be sure to check the EssentialFax FAQ and Knowledgebase pages as well - the most common questions are answered there.

If you are currently using the program and are experiencing technical problems, two things are required when you send us an email. In your email:

  1. Fully describe the problem. If you do not fully describe the problem, it will be that much more difficult to solve. "It quit working" does not really help. What part quit working? What happened just before that? What changes have occurred on the computer, with your phone line, with your carrier, etc. 
  2. You must include a Configuration Information report. This can be found on the EssentialFax main menu under Help. A visual guide to preparing and sending the report can be found here. This report sends us a great deal of helpful technical information that is needed to diagnose complex faxing problems.
Technical support is available during the 30 day trial period, and for 60 days after the date of purchase. Technical support is provided by email only.

Lost your serial number?

If you have lost your original registration information (name and serial number) please use our Serial Number Lookup Request form.
Change history

See the  Version History page for a complete change log.

What to expect

Technical Support will try their best to solve your problem; but please be aware that, in a certain number of cases, we are simply unable to get EssentialFax to work with a particular combination of modem + hardware + software + phone lines + remote fax. If you have tried all of our standard solutions and are still unable to either send or receive faxes reliably, the equipment is possibly just incompatible with EssentialFax. In this case, we might be unable to suggest anything new for you to try. This is why we choose to allow a 30 day trial period where the software is fully functional.

We do NOT provide support for changing from one version of Windows to another, nor do we provide support for changing computers.

We encourage you to take the full 30 days to fully try EssentialFax out before purchasing.

Respect and Courtesy

We treat others with respect and courtesy. We expect the same in return. Persons sending emails containing disrespect, personal slurs or other objectionable content will simply be ignored as a matter of policy