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A busy signal generally indicates just that - that the line is busy. The modem, not the software, determines this. The modem returns the word "BUSY" if it encounters a busy line, and this is what EssentialFax reports. EssentialFax passed the phone number to the modem, the modem dialed the number, and the phone company reported a "busy" signal to the modem.

Some things to check over:

The notorious Fast Busy Signal

Another form of busy signal is known as a "fast busy signal".

When you pick up your phone and dial a phone number, your phone company tries to connect you to the person on the other end. If too many people in your area are using the phone at the same time, it overloads the phone system. The way that many phone companies let you know that their system is overloaded and that your phone call cannot be connected is by giving you a fast busy signal.

A fast busy signal sounds just like a normal busy signal, except that the busy tones occur much faster. Most people hear the fast busy signal and think the person they are calling is on the phone, when in reality your phone company cannot complete the phone call because of inadequacies in their system.