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It is often preferable to create a fax that has just the cover sheet with a short message. Many people use this to send short fax messages, where there is no need to "print-to-fax" to create a fax document.

A cover sheet is a single fax page that is normally sent as the first part of the fax transmission, but can also be sent by itself. The purpose of the cover sheet is to identify the sender of the fax (you) and describe what is being sent, or to convey a short message.

A cover sheet is created using a cover sheet template. The cover sheet templates are different designs that can be chosen to create a cover sheet from. A key part of a cover sheet template is the placeholder. A placeholder is a variable or field, which is filled in with the specific values for the current fax at the time it is sent.

For instance a placeholder for the recipient name will appear in the cover sheet template as [Recipient Name]. When you are creating a fax to send and you add a cover sheet, the "placeholders" are filled in with the appropriate values.

Here is a before and after example:

This is a cover sheet template. Note the placeholders.

This is a cover sheet created from the previous cover sheet template. Note that the placeholders have been replaced with the actual values (in this case, fictitious)

Please also see the Creating a Coversheet Fax Slideshow for a visual depiction of this process.

You can design your own fax cover sheet, or modify any of the provided templates using the Cover Sheet Editor.

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