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If you were sending out regular letters, and you had certain things which you also stuffed into the envelope (brochure, flyer, price list), you would call that an enclosure. A fax enclosure is a document or set of pages that has been converted to a fax file, ready to include ( enclose ) with new faxes that you create.

Creating enclosures. An enclosure is created in the following ways:

Using Enclosures. Once you save a fax page (or set of pages) to the Fax Enclosures folder, you can use them to build new faxes, or to add to new faxes, as many times as you need.
Use this for brochures, reports, price lists, fact sheets and other documents that you might want to include with your faxes.

* We chose the term enclosure because the word attachment has other connotations. An attachment (such as used in email) refers to a document that is sent along with the main document, and which remains in its own format - be it a PDF file, a JPG file or what have you. With faxing, anything that is faxed must *first* be converted into a faxable file format - a type of graphical image called TIFF.  Normally this done "behind the scenes" by doing an invisible print job to a virtual fax printer. Many things can go wrong this way. While it is great for email, the attachment technology is just not reliable for faxing, in our opinion, which is why we do not offer it as a feature of EssentialFax.