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We have created these screen shots to provide a visual guide to entering your serial number.

STEP 1: Start your copy of EssentialFax. You will see a screen like the one below. It is important to note here that we are talking about the actual EssentialFax program - not the help file or the website:

STEP 2: Locate and click the "Enter Serial Number" command. You will find this under the program Help menu, found at the top of the program window:


STEP 3: Enter the name and serial number as sent to you. The name and serial number must be entered exactly as contained in the email you received. For instance, if the name in the email is JOHN SMITH, you must enter exactly that. The program will not accept "John Smith" or "john smith" or "J. Smith". It is best to copy and paste these items from the email to the program prompts. If you must enter it by hand, be aware that the serial number contains only the letters ABCDEFG and the numbers 0123456789.

STEP 4: Restart EssentialFax. The program must close down and restart before the new serial number information is registered and recognized.

If you still are experiencing problems, email sales@essentialfax.com and include the following information:
(1) name of the program (EssentialFax)
(2) version of the program (i.e. EssentialFax version 1.50)
(3) a copy of the email you were sent with the serial number information