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EssentialFax version 1.75 or above can import your MightyFax (version 3 or above) files (faxes and phonebook) by following the steps below. The MightyFax files must reside on the current hard drive, but can be copied from another computer by copying the entire MightyFax folder structure to the current hard drive.

  • Start EssentialFax
  • Stop any current sending or receiving session if needed
  • Click on File > Import Faxes and Phonebook > Import from MightyFax
  • Select the folder which contains the MightyFax files. EssentialFax will let you know if the folder contains valid MightyFax files.
  • Click the "Next" button. EssentialFax determines what parts of MightyFax can be imported, which you can toggle on and off as desired
  • Complete the import by clicking the "Start Import" button
  • EssentialFax will notify you of how many entries were imported, and how many duplicate entries were skipped
  • You can now browse the EssentialFax phonebook to see the new entries

MightyFax is a product of RKS Software. Essential Fax Software does not provide support for MightyFax. This import routine is provided for your convenience.