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If you are currently using EssentialFax and plan to move to a newer version of Windows, or a different computer, the following information may be helpful.

Step 1: Make a Backup copy of the EssentialFax Files.

* If you do not care about your old faxes or phonebook, you can ignore this step.

This step requires that you are using EssentialFax version 1.75 or above. You will find the command "Make a Backup Copy of Your EssentialFax Files" on the EssentialFax menu, under "Files". This command copies your EssentialFax faxes and phonebook to a location you specify (File > Make a Backup Copy of Your EssentialFax Files).

You can use a USB drive, which is probably the most convenient these days.

Step 2: Save Your serial number

It is also a good idea to make a copy of the email containing your *serial number. You can copy and paste this into a text file, and save it to the same location of your backup. You will need this to re-register EssentialFax on the new version of Windows and/or new computer

If you have lost your original registration information (name and serial number) please use our Serial Number Lookup Request form.

(* note: if you are moving from Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10, you will need a new license)

Step 3: Setting up EssentialFax on the new version of Windows and/or the new computer

You will need to install EssentialFax, not copy it. The installation program is responsible for setting up the virtual printer. This cannot be done any other way.

The installation program can always be downloaded from our download page. Select the correct download for the target version of Windows.

** It is important to remember that the registered version of EssentialFax is the trial version + the serial number. There is no separate download for a registered version.
Once you have installed EssentialFax, follow the instructions in the email containing your serial number.

Step 4: Importing your EssentialFax faxes and phone book

Now that EssentialFax is installed on the new computer/version of Windows, start up EssentialFax and click on (File > Import Faxes and Phonebook) and select to "Import from EssentialFax".

You will be asked to locate your old files (what you backed up in step #1) and then EssentialFax will proceed to import them into the new location.

(the above requires EssentialFax version 1.75 - there is no equivalent for older versions, sorry)

Please note that per our policies we simply cannot provide technical support for upgrading to a new Windows version or for changing computers. The above is presented as advice only.